what’s wrong with animals?

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I’m in Turners again today (wed 17 feb 2010), haunting again. Here’s the Sehnen post from Mon 14 April 2008, in Greenfield:

                      People disappoint me so much that I am more curious
                      about flowers, and many other things…
                                             ~~~  marcel proust

What’s so wrong with preferring the company of animals to that of people? It’s not average, it’s  not mainstream, but I don’t think it’s any worse than “odd” or “eccentric.”

These are their names, the 14 family members, friends of mine who vanished because the Department of Mental Health couldn’t be bothered to find us a place to live:


Mishi and Brainse, my dogs 

The cats: Shiloh, Chan, Ziidjian (killed)

        Mandy, Judah,                    Chailin                                                                                                      
          Aram, Abel, Chani
The birds: Lizzie, Tuuschi, Canajoharie


I’ve been told a variety of different stories about the 11 animals who haven’t been reported as killed yet. There isn’t much truth being told to me by anyone  in this personal devastation. I begin to wonder if people even know what the word TRUTH means.


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  1. PaulettePostMiller said,

    November 14, 2010 at 12:00 am

    Losing Animals is the worst! A few months back a friend of mine had a dog who was lonely because his young owner had gone to college and left him with her parents who were not dog people. The dog needed someone to take him…Erica and I went and got him and brought him homeand lavished attention on him. He hadn’tbeen inside a house for years! He was very old (over 14) but sweet. He lasted two days before he just went out like a candle. I think he just gave up because he couldn’t believe he was being shifted to a new place AGAIN! Over the years he had been in at least 5 homes. The first day he was ok but lethargic… the second day we had to stand him up to get him to walk… the third day he gave up. We cried like babies when he died! We had only known him 3 days! He was a beautiful old chow mix who looked like a bear! Hence his name was? Bear. We couldn’t ‘bear’ to lose him. It is amazing how easy it is to love a dog!

  2. sehnen said,

    November 17, 2010 at 4:55 pm

    Paulette: that’s a terrible story; terrible in that that dog had a shitty life that no domestic animal deserves, and by the time he found love, his body had already given out…. How easy it is, for me anyway, to love ANY animal, instantly, on sight. I have an enormous capacity for love (just as I do for loathing), and I’ve never been able to fullfil that with humans because I find them so incomprehensible. But with animals I can just let the love pour out, without fear, without wariness and mistrust, without regret.

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