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still tuesday 22nd…  2008

Back in Turners Falls. That nice-sounding name. A few minutes ago I walked right past the wife of the locksmith who came on March 11th to change the locks on my apartment after the sheriff evicted us. She puts her head down when she sees me now. For years she was always friendly to me. I hope she’s bloody too ashamed to look at me. She and her husband the locksmith are hardly poor. He could have refused to take that job. I hope she damned well drowns in her shame.

Update 19 May 2009: That librarian I talked about when I first made this post later started  talking to me again, during October and November 2008 when I lived in the park in the center of Turners Falls. Yes, I lived in the park and camped out in the band shell. You’ll make your own decision, but remember that I lived in Turners for 22 years. My experience of that town tells me that there’s just about no way at all that the police and selectmen of Turners would have let me or anyone else live so visibly in a park right smack in the center of town unless someone was telling them to leave me there. I try and try to find another reason they would allow such a thing, and why they would even have a cop come in the night a couple of times to see if I were warm enough. I can’t find solid reasons for these things. I have never been a buddy of police and selectmen. I haven’t been their enemy, as far as I know, but I haven’t been someone they felt a bond with either. So why was this allowed?   
Now it’s spring. St. Francis has his animals, but I do not have mine. I’ve always liked Franky because of his animals. He lives, apparently, at www.toscano.com.
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