the iron fist

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tuesday 27 may 2008     greenfield

Three killer Sundays: Mother’s day, Graduation day, Memorial day. In other years, in the years of my own life, these were days of flowers. The plant shown here is a dahlia I bought myself for this memorial day in memory of the fourteen stolen animals, but also in the hope that the Department of Mental Hell will still find a suitable place and give me back some of my family.


When I signed on with the DMH in March 2007, I never signed anything that said I was relinquishing my adulthood, my autonomy, my right to make my own decisions about my animals, my mental health care, my medical care, my money, or anything else. I never signed those things away, and yet I lost them. Keep whatever and whomever you love — and your bloody rights — away from the department of mental hell. They don’t really practice social work, or helping. They wrap you in the iron fist of control.

the DMH

Update 8 June 2008:  Nothing has changed about the way I feel about these bureacracies. The DMH was abominable in its control-freak conduct and its lack of caring. And if in fact I have had feds matthew talked about involved in my life, they are just as abominable. I have not been treated like a person with rights and needs by anyone at all in this whole ugly drama.

Now 2 Nov 2009:  By this time even my therapist has begun telling me (in rather vague terms, to be sure) how I was “screwed by the system,” meaning the DMH. “They didn’t have any idea how much those animals meant to you. They didn’t know who you were.” Someone who’s recently been diagnosed with bipolar disorder asked me about two hours ago if she should sign up with the DMH. How do you think I answered her? With a resounding no way in hell? 




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