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wednesday 4 june 2008     greenfield

Another message for that certain someone:      ~~~~   Bill built   ~~~

Message for Flibbertyjibbet: I’m not going to say what language it is. If you don’t know, then you don’t. I’m not a teacher anymore. And kindly put tags on your own blog and leave my tags alone. Thanks so much, anne.

Update 15 June 2009: Well, I was ticked at flibberty for putting a tag on my blog that wasn’t my own. Others have done it on a few occasions, and I don’t like it. Maybe it’s one of those Asperger’s don’t-mess-with-my-stuff things.

On another topic, it was about this time last year (15th June or so) that I first confronted Matthew on the sidewalk about his phony act. In my first few days in greenfield last year I knew that he and a few other men around me all the time were playacting: pretending to be drunks or crazies, when I could see in their eyes that they clearly were not. So this first time I confronted Matthew and told him he was just playing a madman and there was nothing wrong with him and why didn’t he get a real job (I thought he was watching me for the DMH at this point), he stayed with his act. He argued with me and ended up calling me a bitch and walking away. But the next time I would confront him (end of june 2008), it would be a different story. He would admit certain things, among them the fact that there was something criminal going on in my life.


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