Ce he mise le ulaingt?

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sehnen posted on Jun 07, 2008 | views: 69 | Tags: luna stellaequex

sat 7 june 2008   Greenfield

Where are you, what happened to you? How many are dead and how many alive? How and where did you die, and when? It’s been a lonely life anyway, being such an oddball, not fitting in with neurotypicals, not even being able to stomach them much of the time. But loneliest of all without you, blackest of all without you. You 14 stolen ones, and all the animals of my life before you, taught me everything I ever learned about courage, patience, forgiveness, love, trust. I didn’t learn much at all about these things from humans. I never stopped wanting you, or loving you, or admiring you, or being grateful to you. It wasn’t my idea for us to be torn apart.. All the times you saw and felt me suffering the loneliness for humans… I wish you could see and feel how much worse it is to suffer the loneliness that comes from being without you. If you could know that, then if there were ever any lingering questions about how important you were, all those questions would be answered. You, all the animals of my life, were the stars and the sun and the moon, all the brightness. Humans gave me mostly only the dark:meanness, lies, insanity, inconsistency, and more. And you gave me only light.. Remembering over 55 years of hurt and trauma, fear and anger in all the darkness humans have given me, I then look back over all of you. Ane there is only love and light and everything truly good I ever had.

Update 17 June 2009: All I can say to this post is: ditto. My heart will be saying these same things about them, the animals, for as long as I live. And it will be saying the same things about humans, as I fear them and dislike them more now than ever. It was humans that destroyed us. If Matthew’s words were true, it was humans who protected me from a bullet but never showed me an ID, did everything undercover, and seem to have used me as bait. And again, if words were true and if things I saw last year were what they very much seemed to be, it was humans who came to Greenfield to get me. You, the animals, are still the brightest lights I ever had, for 55 years. And most humans are still darkness.


Who am I to bear it? The wrong person — not strong enough or resilient enough, or hard enough.

(nest fairy at www.gaelsong.com)

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