To sleep, perchance to…

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sehnen posted on Jun 18, 2008 | views: 61 | Tags: moments burstingx

wed 18 june 2008    Greenfield

It was 15 weeks yesterday since eviction day. I’m still counting. Lots of us Asperger’s people like to keep accurate tallies of things. We’re rather obsessive about stuff like that. I’ve learned a lot about Asperger’s in the last three years, and keep learning more every week. I didn’t go looking for the information when it started, it came to me over the radio. But instantly, that first story, I knew myself in the things the story was saying. And that has never changed. The more I learn, the more convinced I am. I diagnosed my cat’s diabetes in 1997, my girlfriend’s lupus in 1992, and there are more cases of me diagnosing human and animal illnesses correctly, as confirmed by doctors. I suppose if I’d gone into some medical career, I might have had a strength for diagnosis. So I have diagnosed my own Asperger’s, and I believe I’m right.

Very exhausted today, can’t do much. Want to get back to telling about the animals here in this blog. When will the energy for it come?

Update 29 June 2009:  Just as he told me about the criminal things going on in my life, Matthew was the one who told me I have Asperger’s, in July of 2008. Tests were run on me in public places (how did my “protectors” pull that off?), and when they were over, Matthew told me I had it. I believed him, just as I believed him about the protection and all the rest. I’d thought for years that I had it anyway. I’m beginning to read more books on Asperger’s because it’s all I can read now. All my life, since I first learned to read, I read with animals around me. Now, without them, I’m only able to read this Asperger’s stuff.


To sleep, perchance to dream. There are no dreams left. Moments burst now only with the sadness for what was stolen.

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