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June 4 2010

Haven’t got back to the copying yet; this is yet another new post. Did it on Soulcast and linked to it from the Mafia Chick page of my website. But soulcast has become so erratic again that I sat there and waited and waited for the linked page to appear, it didn’t, and I got fed up and just copied the whole bloody thing here.

Another Soulcast Rantcast

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sehnen posted 8 days ago | views: 43 | Tags: me toox, $$$$$$x, 666x, rantingx, linkx
Wednesday 26 May 2010           Turners turning deader
What I want to know is this: Why do the spam blogs even make it into the first few Featured Posts pages? They should be relegated to the end, so that on the first several pages we can find only other real bloggers to read. Why the spam on the early pages? Do these spammers peddling their wares pay Brian Ree and company to appear on the first few pages, where the real bloggers should be?
And here’s another rant. This one’s about Turners Falls.
Well, now it’s the second of June, and it’s become necessary for me to address some comments a couple of people have left me. While I have looked at copsunite’s blog once or twice and found nothing there I can relate to, I’ve never looked at the blog of satanx. But once in a great while these two show up here and leave me some kind of lunatic fringe comment. I don’t know who they are, or if they’re the same person with two blogs, but I don’t expect to be troubled by them again. There’s always the possibility that the satanx blog belongs to Judith, the mafia-chick, particularly in light of this most recent comment: I still own you. That’s exactly how she always behaved: she owned the whole house, the whole yard, the whole neighborhood, the disturbed landlady, and she owned me. And of all the truly insane people I have ever encountered, she is the most insane of all. But whoever satanx is, it’s no one I’m interested in. I haven’t wanted to ever use my block option on any website, believing that anyone at all is free to come to any of my journals and disagree with me, as long as they do so civilly. But the lunatic fringe is another matter, and comments like I own you are totally unacceptable and uncivil.
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