Whips, Chains and Satan’s Children

Page Fifty-six

Wed 9 June 2010

Yeah, yeah. Another brand-new post. This one’s for two specific people, which the rest of you are free to ignore. You won’t understand the references anyway. I apologize that I sometimes have to make these specifically-directed posts, but there are certain earthling carbon-and-water-based units with whom I can only communicate through blog posts — I have no other form of access to them.

So Judith: I see that you and Marcus now have this clandestine little business arrangement. Does M. know about it? I saw M. the other day, and maybe the next time I see him, we’ll have to have a little chat. You know, even when I can’t get a good look at his back, I know there are whip marks on it. I’ll have to check out Marcus’ back too, the next time I see him, and I see him fairly frequently. Now I know that frequently is a big word. Do you know what it means? Then I’ll tell you: it means almost the same as ‘often.’ And I’m sure you can handle that one. Anyway, I know I’ll find those nasty whip lashings on his back too.

Do you still have that wretched cat you never took care of? Just for your information, the word moulin is not pronounced moo-lawn. If you can do nothing else for the poor beast, you could at least pronounce her name right. I understand that it’s a challenge, that your general ignorance and your substance abuse make it difficult for you to pronounce even the simplest English words, much less French ones. But you might exert yourself a bit for the sake of the cat.


And to the rest of you — after all, as soon as you ask a person to ignore something, that it’s not intended for them — they suddenly want to pay attention to it all the more. Well, knock yourselves out, but I assure you that only Judith and Marcus and M. will know what I’m eluding to.

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