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thurs 19 june 2008   Greenfield

There’s a great variety of ways to be cruel.

The current variety being levelled at me remains baffling, namely: why didn’t the DMH care enough about saving my life to find (in 11 months) a home for me and maybe half of my animals? Or why couldn’t they at least pretend to care enough to do that, as it’s what they get paid to pretend. I haven’t figured out the reason for that particular cruelty, though several people have suggested to me that because I made complaints to the governor’s office and to health and  human services, the DMH decided to really let me have it and allow my life to be destroyed. I can see them reacting that way on an emotional level, disliking me that much and wanting to finish me off. But they work for a state agency. Would they behave that way with the agency’s reputation? And let me say, I have never yet in my 15 or so months with DMH (though I have dumped them as of June 10) heard anyone say anything to suggest that the DMH has a good reputation (a great shame I didn’t know that before I signed on with them). But still, even if the agency’s reputation here in western Mass sucks, would the employees vent their fury on me, a disliked client, by letting me be ruined and making their reputation even worse? The answer to that seems to be Yes, despite the fact that these people are company people, sheep, teammates, and I don’t understand why they didn’t try to make the company look good, even if they despised me. This is the part of that cruelty that I find so baffling.                            

Update 2 July 2009: Another cruelty, which I was deliberately often vague about last year, was all the following and watching me certain men were doing, men who were pretending, as I’ve said, to be nuts or drunk, and they clearly were not. This had been since my first homeless day in Greenfield, which was March 13, 2008. For four more days after writing this post, I continued to make myself believe these men were working for the DMH. But on June 23, another explanation would finally take root, that something criminal was going on, and that was admitted to me by Matthew Lacoy.

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