Dulce et Decorum Est

Page Sixty-three

Thursday 22 July 2010…  Turners Fault  (a new post again)

                                      Come all you young rebels
                                      and list while I sing.
                                      The love of one’s country
                                      is a terrible thing.
                                      It banishes fear
                                      with the speed of a flame,
                                      and it makes us all part of
                                      the patriot game.
                                      And now I am dying
                                      my body all holes.
                                      I think of those traitors
                                      who bargained and sold.
                                      I’m sorry my rifle
                                      has not done the same
                                      to the traitors who sold out
                                      the patriot game.  
                                      ~~ anonymous
For my “protectors,” and for all the hordes of traitors who sold it all out over millenia.
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