About Anne/Sehnen

March 2010

I began writing on the internet in April of 2008, because of large, damaging events in my life that I needed to talk about, and I didn’t have much of anyone to talk to. One blog turned into two, then three. I was putting the story on several websites, because I didn’t know which sites got the most readers. In January of this year I decided to make a website from all of these blogs, and you can reach it at braonthree.wordpress.com.

The Sehnen journal was originally done on the Soulcast website, but I’m moving it here because of a lot of technical problems that the site was having. This was the angriest journal, and as I move it, I’m toning some of that down. For two reasons. 1. though I have no problem reading angry blog posts, other people seem not to want to read something angry; anger seems to have become a forbidden emotion in our culture    2. because anger is so forbidden, too many people make this equation:  angry = nuts; the angry person should be on some kind of pill. I’m tired of that shallow, juvenile interpretation, so I’m toning down the anger in the hopes of maybe getting readers to think a little more deeply about how they would feel in my situation.


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