time2express is a new wordpress blog, written by a person I have been reading. it’s an absolute truth that there are people in great pain. people OTHER people don’t really want to see.

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I am in a situation where I get very little physical contact.  I get 2 hugs from Y 3 times a week, I get a hug from C from time to time, M a couple of time a year, and the odd friend when I see them.  I don’t feel safe with most of the people i know.  Because our experiences in life are so different, I can’t relate to things they say, and they can’t relate to things I say.  They also don’t have the same insight (for whatever reason), and a lot of their pain comes out in blaming others.  I have the insight, but because of my upbringing, I have little to no control of my emotions and my window of tolerance is only a slit.  This means I don’t have support of an insightful environment, and it means that I am constantly triggered by the people…

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