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tuesday 16 february, 2010…    turners fails

today begins a re-make of a journal that I originally wrote on the blogging site Soulcast. Soulcast has been plagued lately by a lot of spam, and the page-changing time has been terribly slow. because of all the new spam-caused problems with trying to work on Soulcast anymore, I’m putting here the contents of that blog called Sehnen, which began in april of 2008 and continues.


This was my first blog entry ever, written in Greenfield on 10 April 2008. I kept it very short so I could publish it and see if I did it right:

Living in mental hell, thanks to the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Greenfield office.

That was it — one sentence for the first try. The mental hell having been brought about by a trio of spiteful, malicious females about whom much more will be said. Their names after emendations are Judith, Lolly and Shirley.


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