it’s all about control

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In 2010, time-travelling back to the Sehnen post for thursday 17 april 2008, in greenfield:

The Department of Mental Health was supposed to help me PRESERVE my mental health, not to destroy it. And to preserve the lifestyle of my choosing, one would think, since my lifestyle was not illegal. But what I got was control. THEY decided where they thought I should live and what they thought I should pay for rent and how. THEY decided what should happen to my animals. THEY decided that the long police log on record with complaints made by me concerning harassment from the mafia-connected, drug-dealing tenant in my building was a pack of lies or delusions on my part, and that the things I said this tenant had done weren’t true. They didn’t LIVE there with this psychopath, mind you, but THEY decided that I was the psycho one, making up, or imagining, nasty things about the other tenant. And none of these people are trained psychologists, by the way.

So the DMH — with their laziness, their armchair diagnoses, their lack of any particularly intelligent thought, worsened my depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder tremendously by allowing my life to be destroyed.

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