may the ocean’s dogs devour them

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wed 30 april 2008     greenfield

May the ocean’s dogs devour you is an old Scottish curse. I like it. It’s for the DMH and the CSS (community support services, or something like that – I got fantastic support). And the landlady. And the mafia-chick who didn’t let me sleep for sixteen months and harassed me in many other ways. May the ocean’s dogs devour you all. May the great souls of my own dear dogs rise up to smite you.

Well, yesterday was the seven-week anniversary of the disaster. Even a black anniversary deserves some poemizing. Maybe especially a black anniversary.

Number 21


Seven weeks ago today
they came:
the sloppy, the loony, the uniformed,
the cruel.
Came to drag us from our home,
came to shame and hurt us,
to tear us apart.
No one came who loves us —
there is no such one.
No one came to take us off
to tell us not to be afraid,
to tell us this wasn’t the end
of us.
Only the vicious, the vacuous
Only to hurt us,
to shame.         

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Tired, tired today. Wrote a little on blogspot, the mental hell blog (here). Nemo. Nemo is who I am, who the DMH and CSS made me. Nemo is who they made me, Sehnen is what I do.                                      

Update 25 May 2009:  These posts are so difficult to see now. All the pain of the early days after the destruction of my life. Pain, but also that hope and that denial: I will see some of them again. At this point in time Matthew hadn’t yet told me other horrendous things going on in my life: that wouldn’t come until July. In May I was still a DMH client for more than a year, still hoping they would find me something soon where I could have some of my family. Still hoping they would do the right thing for me and the animals.

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