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In spite of the fact that I’m far from finished copying the original Sehnen posts from Soulcast here to WordPress, I’m going to write a new post. I interrupt myself in all the copying when I feel the need.

Throughout all of my online journals over the last two years I’ve made liberal use of thingies that are called literary devices. Most people who’ve studied literature have had to memorize them all at least once, and so have I. There are pages of them, and once upon a time I knew them all by heart, names and definitions and examples, but a lot of that is now deeply buried in the passive memory. Some of these devices also get carried over into conversational speech, and I come from a family who used some of them in large amounts and taught them to me long before I had ever had to memorize the stuff.

I’ve used these ways of speaking and writing with ill effect for me, it seems. Certain people I’ve talked to and certain who’ve written have taken my use of such stylistic elements to mean that I’m delusional, or otherwise insane. So, here are a few that I’ve used a good deal and with which I have therefore hanged myself in respect to being taken for a sane person:


Since I stopped teaching at the end of 1990, I’m not going to move into cyber-teaching and define these things for you or give you examples.  Certain of you will know them already, some won’t. But they’re age-old, legitimate stylistic tools, and the use of them doesn’t mean that a person is not living in reality. I’ll admit that I’m resentful over being hung out to dry as far as my sanity is concerned because I choose to use certain styles in my writing and speaking. I’m resentful that these snap judgments are made not on the basis of the events I present, but on the basis of a use of english that many undereducated folks seem not to be acquainted with.


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